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X-ray glasses: dream or utopia! First of all, Gentlemen, have not you dreamed of undressing your female classmates in one look? Do not tell me with what. Because, it could be considered a lie. With X-ray glasses, for sure! And, not just any. The famous glasses to see girls under the skirts just
putting them on the tip of the nose. Do not scare girls by saying that. And, yes, you are caught in flag. Ugly rascals 😉

Ladies, now, do not dream of seeing what he is hiding under these town pants or the guy's jeans. Because, you look very often under the belt. And yes. But what naughty girls do you do?

Finish the dreams and say welcome to reality with the glasses 2.0


Thanks to Google Glass VR: X-ray glasses

As you will be able to find it within the article on Google Glass VR, the two porn actors use them. James Deen and Andy San Dimas see themselves in underwear by putting them on.

In addition to this, you can take pictures and search the internet for the price of shoes.

Now, I let you discover the video to see it.


And, well I'm sorry to announce it to all of you, these glasses do not exist on the market. Various videos boasting this possibility have emerged including hidden cameras.

By cons, not wishing to leave you on this sad end.

However, you can download an application on android to see what is hidden under the clothes of catalog models. I invite you to find the site by clicking here. This application is called MooseJam X-Ray.

X-Ray glasses, MooseJam X-Ray

Beside that, you can find X-ray glasses, with his Eyes-On in some radiology centers. But, it has nothing to do with sex but with your health. This was developed by the company Evena. This is undoubtedly an era where electromagnetic radiation is set aside to preserve the health of patients.

I'm sorry for breaking your fantasy of not being able to go to a store tomorrow to buy these famous x-ray glasses.

But, until they are marketed or not, I leave you in the company of these beautiful women ready to reveal their beautiful body on

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