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Long distance love: this is a fear for many of us! Now summer holidays are approaching. You do not know when you're going to see your darling again. This seems indisputable for all teenagers having to go on holiday with their parents. You are on a business trip for several months and the distance is scary. Do not be afraid anymore and adopt tele-education.

What is it about ? Some of you already know this term. These are connected sextoys. These specifically teledildonic allow you to cultivate the love of your partner, to stay in symbiosis. And, why not discover sex differently.

You are again inventing sex and your sexual practices. The ultimate pleasure is to spice up your relationship again and again. It also allows you to uninhibit. It's also a way out of one's shell. With these sex toys, you give the other a way to discover you differently. He may see you maybe more player or more naughty. This creates envy and only increases desire. For the day of the reunion, it looks like the final bouquet of the fireworks.

Love long distance distance: the other way to sex

Concerning teledildonic sextoys, the original concept is love at a distance. You use these objects with a wireless remote. They offer different vibration programs.

In order to "tickle" your partner, you need to install an application on your phone. From there, connect the toy to your mobile. If you decide to go to the desert or an area not covered by the network, do not panic an adapter will be provided in the month of your purchase. A solution to all the problems. Thanks to the application and the sextoy, you do not just masturbate. You give yourself pleasure and get to your partner via video chat. You have the choice to use the internal software ( Body chat) to the sextoy. Nevertheless, you can start the cam and the microphone via another software. It does not matter, the important thing is that you can see and warm yourself.

By caressing each other, you pass on your feelings to your partner. Let yourself go and bring to a nascent, vibrant and new pleasure.

Indeed, for you ladies, the more you activate the vibrator, the more your darling will visualize the contraction movements of your vagina. In the same way for you gentlemen, the more the masturbator excites your penis, the more the sextoy of your lover will lose his head and increase. It's really a simultaneous, interactive use. Your desires intertwine, overlap, overlap. The tempo given to your sextoy will have the same intensity for your partner. It can be likened to Russian dolls but in reverse, from the smallest to the largest. It's a race for mutual pleasure. The snowball effect is guaranteed.

Realize love at a distance and reveal your sexual desires in whatever form.

This is one of the updates of the application. But, it's not just that one. Indeed, to spice up desire, new possibilities open up to you even more interesting, attractive, exciting and exciting. I think I have no words to describe these novelties as it should. Because, for this naughty evening wanted, you become the master or mistress controlling the sextoy of your partner with yours. Have fun without moderation. You know these little weaknesses, the point where he will have the maximum of pleasure. So take the bar to a rush of pleasure.

Choose your objects according to your preferences. Sextoy only vibro or more clitoral, vaginas connected? Welcome to pleasure 2.0.

Long distance love: the sextoys market to renew your intimate sex life

Depending on the model, these sextoys have an autonomy of use between 1h30 and 2h30. They are all rechargeable by USB. Their tightness is proven. This is very useful especially for sweating or splashing. In addition, they were all designed in harmless materials. This is very important because the user comes to stimulate his sex or that of the spouse with. In addition, you have three levels of vibration for each: slow (or weak), average then effective (or intense, powerful). In addition, they can be used for local control, long distance or remote sex. They are adaptable to all morphologies. Do not hesitate to use them in any place and at any time! They were designed for.

The sextoys connected to create pleasure in long distance loves are as well for madam, sir and both:

For Miss

-Nora: or rabbit vibrator. It has a rotating head. Here is her clitoral side, the vibration will take care of your point G. In addition, it has an optimized handle. This allows during penetration to stimulate the best places gently. He combines with Max. Do not forget to start the video recording. This will allow you to watch your movie at any time. Plus, if paired with a VR headset, you're off to an X movie to watch in VR. Some users may have been dissatisfied with the sound level of the rotation. Although it is generally silent, the problem can arise especially when the children are in bed. This can also occur during a non-intimate use.

Like this product, you have Pearl brand Kiiroo. Be seduced by these five rings, there is something to turn the head! Solo use at the touch of a button, switch to a no control mode. Indeed, let yourself be carried by five rhythms ranging from continuous vibrations with degrees of intensity more or less strong. Succumb to the following rhythms jerky and slow then loud and fast. Succumb to the temptation with Pearl 2.

long distance love Pearllong distance love Pearl 2

-Lush: It's a vibrant egg but not just any one. It is presented as being 3 to 4 times more powerful than the other identical objects.

No matter the distance, it can be played solo. It can also be a preliminary object. In addition, you can also activate it in unusual places. Its features also allow you to sync it to the music. So that sir can find a pleasure too, you can leave the sound of vibrations. This can be handy if you start solo but want to finish duet.

By cons, I can not completely guarantee that your dear and tender will abandon a football match to lover with you. This can especially with matches of the World Cup. Normally, it's worth a try. Because rather than waiting for it before going to bed or in case of sexual hunger, use the Lush to give you pleasure. The vibrations will be a call to your lover to find you under the duvet. It is compatible with Apple products and Android version 4.3 and up. You must activate Bluetooth 4.0 instead. It is used with a Mac having the same Bluetooth configuration. If your computer is still running Windows, you will need the Lovense Bluetooth adapter.

-Ambi: this mini vibro will allow you to choose the massage area. Thus, of a complete stimulation, this one can become localized or semi-localized. While the mini do not have the coast because of the difficulties to use it in certain positions, this one counteracts this problem. Do not hesitate to use it during the position of the missionary, the doggystyle or the cowgirl This will not prevent the achievement of nirvana.

-Domi: This is a mini wand or mini vibrator.

- Osci : If you are wondering where your G-spot is, do not look for it anymore. Osci will tell you.

For gentlemen:

Lovense Max-Max: It's a masturbator. Its air pump simulates vaginal contractions with a subtle, soft or intense sensation. Thanks to its air trap, you control the suction. The texture of the sleeve gives the impression of a real skin against you.

To complete the teledildonic sex toy brand of the Dutch company, you have Onyx (Pearl assorted). In view of its high quality texture, you have accessories that will allow you to keep this inner membrane as long as possible. Onyx 2 is now available.

long distance love Onyx long distance love Onyx 2

-Edge : And no, it's not a new browser but rather a prostatic vibro. And yes, gentlemen, you will not be able to say that the sextoys do not think of you. Here is a vibrator with two very powerful motors.

For both :

-Hush: This anal plug is available in two sizes (38 and 44.5 mm). Here is another G point to go tickling. Is not it ? For comfort to be optimal, its design is made of spirals, shrink and base. These three parts respectively allow the lubricant to be retained. This will allow you to remove it without pain. This is very useful especially if your ass warmed well. Regarding shrinkage, its functionality allows the sextoy to stay in place. The optimization of its base gives it its comfortable side.


If before, long distance love could weaken your relationship. Do not miss out on these little technological wonders. The sextoy connected re-invents your sexual intimacy.

Here is a small summary of all sex toys from Lovense.

If you fall for these products, do not hesitate and go for it, you can get them directly by visiting Lovense. Open to long-distance love and say yes to teleconjected sex toys.

For any desire to masturbation with or without sextoys, do not hesitate to go The temperature will only rise in your pants.

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