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You may wonder, but what is HoloSex? Before tackling this point and revealing its strengths to you, it is necessary to return to the HoloLens. The common root for both words is Holo. In ancient Greek, it means "everything".

HoloLens and HoloSex

The Hololens is a mixed reality helmet. Microsoft has developed it. What is mixed reality? As its name suggests, this reality mixes many ways or to see or apprehend reality. Indeed, it is a mix between virtual reality, or VR, and augmented reality, AR. The first holographic computer is the Microsoft HoloLens. Holography is a projected image in three dimensions.

Through this new category of reality, you interact with the real world (your environment, the objects around you). This interaction is also done with the virtual (or digital) world. During this experience, you explore your field of vision. To do this, you drag the mouse cursor over the image. This can be possible also by using the keys on the keyboard. These are the keys A, W, D and S. This gives you a panoramic view.

The technological advance does not stop there. Since the idea of ​​holoportation has already emerged in 2014. But what is this term again? You teleport the image of you holographically to your interlocutor.

Why did I use the term HoloSex ?.

HoloSex, what is it?

The holoSex or rather, the holosexual means a person sexually attracted by holographic objects.



However, this is said for all nails or lip glosses. I admit it is very girly. You also have backpacks or wrapping paper. This is especially an attraction for all that glitters. The holoSex or rather, the holosexual means a person sexually attracted by holographic objects.

HoloSex gloss glitter holosexual nail diamonds HoloSex

The sex appeal can not be ignored. For example, you have body suits or Peep Toe. It's just shoes for your gentlemen. For ladies, this represents pumps finishing a touch of Glamor.

body suit HoloSexPeep Toe HoloSex

Moreover, I will not learn that sex is a millennial practice. The porn industry has seized the virtual reality market and even increased it. This thriving market sees a new business opportunity. This was born in 2016.

HoloSex or Holoporn: operation and use

In order to view pornographic hologram content, you should have a headset. There are augmented reality headphones, such as the "Star Wars" special helmet and the North Star helmet from Leap Motion. You also have the Magic Leap headset. There is also the mixed reality headset with of course the HoloLens.

What use? In your opinion, what better than to reconcile the Lovense and the holosex. You see interest, right? You can buy the Lovense directly here with an exlusive offer. And yes, you have fun with your remote partner. In the same way, you see it all by your side in a hologram. It is a step further to become addicted to the teledildonic holosex.

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