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As you may have read in the first article on VR sex, the issue of sex robot was simply mentioned. They represented only a less distant future. However, this was not uncertain. Ethicists were reluctant in the name of ethics. As you have guessed. Except that this is now something and this for several years. Digisexuality has developed through the birth of the sexual robot or sexbot. He combines his technology with his use for RV

The Japanese company, Trottla, is one of the companies to have developed. Shin Takagi, its founder, is portrayed as a pedophile. A priori, he saw through the digisex the possibility for any person to have a sexuality, including pedophiles. The robots thus marketed, had the head of a child or even a teenager.

Wanting to discover its content to better tell you about it, I wanted to go there. For once, I do not recommend it. Because, you will see an announcement from the Ministry of the Interior. The latter blocked the site. Because, its content is pedophile. This results from the very physiognomy of the robots.

Before being used through sexuality, the birth of robots was done in the cinema. I do not know if you remember the movie S1m0ne released in 2002. The actress played by Rachel Roberts, very advantageous curves, allows the producer to regain control over his life after the departure of his wife. Remember how she spoke!

sex robot S1m0ne

After fourteen, the movie Hot Bot is coming out. Two geeky teenagers find a female sex robot named Bardot aka Cynthia Kirchner. The goal for them is not to cross the owner of the latter to keep it for them.

sex robot movie hot bot

There is also the film Zoé with Léa Seydoux and Ewan Mac Gregor developing the digisexuality being the sexual desire towards a robot. Christina Aguilera plays the role of Eve being the sexbot.

sex robot Christina Aguilera aka Eve


But what does a sex robot look like? And how is it used in VR sex?

Specificities of the sex robot

It is largely improved inflatable dolls more than simple robots. These dolls can be of different sizes ranging from 1m to 1m80. They are divided into three categories: small, medium and large. You can also choose the options of your doll. These options include lingerie, clothes, costumes. This goes up to the nature of the skin, the makeup, the hairstyle, the color of the eyes. You can even for the same size have different cup sizes.

In addition, you also have masturbator busts.

To date, several companies offer the sale of sex robots. Of course depending on the size and options, the price of your robot will be totally different.

Where to get a sex robot

The robot that seems to go beyond what is possible is the Harmony Sexual Robot. It was created by the company Realbotix. Artificial intelligence software is installed in addition to all these options. Thus, you have the option of keeping the original voice or modifying it. you can also choose his accent and his oral expressions. Although not equipped with joints, the robot can nevertheless perform hundreds of positions. You really have something to experience the positions of Kamasutra!

sex robot Harmony and solana

In addition, you can give a personality previously chosen at the time of its design. The projects of this company seem to go further than the virtual reality market. Indeed, she wants to mix augmented reality with this concept. You can find this in video games. With this new technology and the smartphone contest, the sex robot can now interact with your environment. The goal is probably to make the robot to be not only sexual but as integrated into your everyday life.

sex robot Samantha

Beside this one, there is also Samantha robot created by Allan Lee Squire. The creator / lover and his wife introduced him during  "This Morning with Phillip & Holly". He may have conversation topics other than sex science or animals with your children. During this show, the wife does not feel threatened in her status as a wife. This is due to the feeling that the robot is part of the family.

Sexual robot and sex in VR

Beside these sex robots, you also have the VR Tenga which is an articulated arm masturbating you.

sex robot VR Tenga

Through this image, it is indeed a sexual robot on the screen and no longer at your side.

Sexual robot: for or against

For you, was the release discreet? Except, that on the internet, the sale of these inflatable dolls is dazzling. Regarding the options, knowing that it is possible to choose the face, you can also ask that it looks like your wife. Some see it as an ideal for dealing with distance relationships. teledildonie. Nevertheless, the emotional connection that can arise between the person and the doll is a disadvantage to take into account

Sexual robots are mass-marketed as sex dolls. Rejoice perhaps ladies, the first male sex robot Henry is born. Realbotix created it. The company wanted to give him a British accent and the opportunity to converse with his partner.

The porn star, Harriett Sugarcookie, is ready to make a movie with a sexual robot? And you, would you love to a sexual robot?

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I could not leave you on your end and did not show you the birth of the Harmony robot.


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