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Google has entered the connected objects market with its Google Glass. What can they serve? Well, they allow you to connect to the Internet. Thus, it allows you to launch searches. In addition, they provide answers to voice commands. Just like the Siri software but available on these glasses.

Google GlassGoogle Glass image

However, connected glasses have been re-employed in the world of X-movies. You can view VR sex videos directly by clicking on the link

Features of Google Glass in Adult App

Google banned apps with sexual content. However, a sex-content App Store was developed by Sherif Maktabi at the Wearable Hackathon. This project competition was held in London in November 2013. The technology of this Lebanese student allows two people to film their sex tape. In addition, it also allows them to take pictures. Afterwards, they will be happy with its content. They can simultaneously use the features of Google Glass. This is the Sex with Glass app.

Plus, you have the Mikandi site, pronouncing My Candy or "My Sweet". It was developed by MiKandi LLC. It is also available in Android application. Against this Seattle-based company, a request for termination of activity was made by Steve Jobs. This happened during an OS event about IPhone 4. On the App Store, the company now defines itself as the "first market for adult applications". Thus, it modified the terms of use.

The buzz of this site was allowed thanks to the competitions of two American porn stars. These are James Deen and Andy San Dimas. During this demo, we see the two actors taking pictures. Without revealing the entire trailer, the actor takes for example a photo of the shoes of the actress and looking for their price.

I let you discover the promotional video of the app for adults.

The two actors see each other through their glasses. This refers to VR sex as it was developed in a previous article. You can imagine, according to the camera, that the actress gives you a blowjob or that you penetrate her.

Share Google Glass content on Adult App

As I mentioned earlier, MiKandi had to change the terms of use. It was necessary to make accessible the Glass Porn. As a result, recorded photos no longer mark as SFW ("Safe For Work").". They are stamped NSFW. You will understand NSFW meaning "Not Safe For Work". It is this last type of photos that can appear on the titsandglass application.

Google Glass titsandglass

You can watch, vote and comment on the sexy pictures you see. How to use this application? Whether you have Google Glass or not, you need to sign in to your Google Account. For holders of Glass, you must enable glass and content sharing. To finalize the installation, you must approve titsandglass. This is done in the control panel of your connected glasses.

How to get Google Glass when you live in France?

Released in the United States in 2014, sales have been banned in France since 2015. However, there are several possibilities for the French to purchase them. The solution to go to the United States and move to Google is possible but extremely expensive. At least, the means found are quite questionable. Indeed, it is here to have a postal address in the United States. It can also be having a bank card with an American address. Alternatively, you can also connect to the store page via a VPN.

Will you be so crazy about owning Google Glass? In addition, would you be willing to share your VR sex tape as you wish?

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