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You may be wondering what is the sextoy 2.0? First of all, we must go back to an essential principle. Indeed, the sex market is a lucrative market. Classic accessories such as we could know them until now like clitoral vibrators or geisha balls. There are still thongs or bras with candy. All this seems to be out of date now. To put you in mouth with sex videos, do not hesitate to consult them for free by clicking on the link

soutien gorge string bonbon couple vs sextoy 2.0

Why this phenomenon? Indeed, the arrival of new technologies has not left the world of sexuality aside. He even adapted our everyday objects already impressed with technology 2.0. Indeed, there are watches or bracelets connected. These have been developed especially for the world of Geek. Thus, the Gamer feels all the feelings of the game. And yes, it vibrates. Just like a console controller can vibrate. Why then sex through sex toys did not bring its touch of vibration that characterizes it so much. Welcome to sex toys enthusiasts or curious to discover the new generation of sextoys.

The sextoys 2.0 are available in sextoys connected and led. Some may have both specific aspects.

Sextoy 2.0, the pleasure accessory

In developing this topic, it was not possible to talk about connected sextoys without referring to the good old vibrators and what they are clitoral or not. However, they got up to date. They are more ergonomic and no longer look like a rod. Thus, they have a side more design, more feminine and especially more attractive. Although some vibrators can offer several levels of vibration with a remote, they lacked for some, a little something. I will still post the image of Venus Butterfly Vibro because no doubt it looks sensational. See for yourself !

sextoy 2.0 venus butterfly vibro

What do you think ladies or gentlemen for whom the remote control will create pleasure for his partner. In addition, it can trigger it at the slightest opportunity even the most incongruous. Moreover, do not hesitate to share your experiences of pleasure taken or given to make start your partner being in situations incongruous or other!

The sex toys 2.0 or connected

Otherwise, sextoys, new generation, as you will understand, have the advantage of being connected. Here is for example the vibrating string connected. Ladies, does not the location of this item remind you of something? As you guessed, the inspiration came from our sanitary napkins, less glamorous than this vibrating thong, I grant you. At least the other days of the month, your partner will not be afraid to discover what is hidden there!

sextoy 2.0 string vibrant connecté

Furthermore, another innovation: imagine yourself reading a good erotic book with your sextoy next. The disadvantage results in the absence of direct sensations. It may also be the absence of emotions experienced by the characters in the book. Remember, reading Fifty Shades of Grey. At that very moment, you would have liked to be in the place of the actress. No ? No doubt you were disappointed not to experience all this fervor, sensuality and eroticism palpable without feeling concretely?

Well, rest assured ladies. A Breton star-up thought of all this by synchronizing the sextoy to the book. The vibrating egg is then connected in bluetooth. The vibration is born of a breath, a caress on the screen. This is done directly from your tablet or smartphone. You will not look at this book in the same way. Is not it ? After a little tour on the canvas, I did not find it. Do not be impatient, he will probably come out because of his craze. The connected object in question is the Little Bird created by B-Sensory. The founder, who loves erotic reading, wanted to combine the pleasure of words with physical pleasures. So you can play solo or duet.

Little Bird Sextoy 2.0

Sextoy 2.0, the pleasure in duo

For a pleasure in duo, these sextoys could not go to the trap. See for yourself through this video how useful they can be especially when your partner is away from you physically. It combines two benefits at once. First of all, the fact that he is connected. Your partner can control it. However, it also has the advantage of being interactive. This means that if sir activates his sextoy, that of madam reacts and vice versa of course. Do not hesitate to buy directly here Lovense with an exclusive offer

Sextoy 2.0 Led

Give or take pleasure is no longer conjugate only by connecting the sextoy to the smartphone and go here to the sextoy 2.0 but also by making it bright.

Look ladies, is not it cute this vibrator with the antennas of the butterfly coming to titillate your clit. When you see it, do not you want to use it?

sextoy 2.0 vibromasseur clitoridien led papillon

In addition, the arrival of sextoys LED has given new life to dice for adults. They could pass as tacky or pre-adult.

sextoy 2.0 dés pour adultes led

Does not that give you more desire to find your new generation dice?

It's up to you to see how you want to spend your evenings with your partner :-).

When is a sextoy directly connected to wifi to directly post his VR sex tape online! In addition, when will we see a sextoy connected to VR sex videos? This would make the experience more intense both by the content of the video in virtual reality and by the sextoy connected.

Feel free to come and share your experiences and / or comments!

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