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Sex is at the heart of every society. But, he drifted according to the periods. How did the 21st century come to the emergence of VR sex? The pleasures of sex have changed since ancient times with stories of orgies among both Romans and Greeks. Sexual orientation did not exist then. It was about penetrants where men held power and penetrated women, youth and slaves. Traces can be found on sculptures, frescoes or everyday objects (for example, oil lamps). They testify to the customs of the time or the highlighting of "small penises" as being one of the signs of the human intellectual ideal. The frescoes showing a man with a huge rod, were referring to animals and stupidity.


fellation sexe VR

Subsequently, sex was censored and only for reproduction.

Then, making a good time until the 1969 with the hippie fashion in Woodstock, people let their sensual and even erotic desires free again. Sex has been resumed as a market product. Indeed, it is similar to the arrival of pornographic films. In addition, the arrival of new technologies will disrupt sex videos. With the birth of the internet and new techniques such as artificial intelligence or virtual reality related to video games, sex videos were not left behind. Thus, the sex is declined in version 3.0: the VR Sex.

If at first, it will be question of getting caught in this new type of videos. This sex 3.0 will have seen through its advances and its potential drifts.

"VR Sex Man and Woman Wearing a Dorcel Stamped Helmet"

Indulge in these VR sex video shows

As you can see with the previous image, it is necessary to bring a support for video. This can be the computer, a console or an android compatible with a virtual reality headset. This is the prerequisite for viewing adapted to the type of video. For example, you have Samsung Gear VR. Who other than the master in the art of X, namely Marc Dorcel would customize the Samsung Headset with its stamp. Or, take you without you having thought it one day, playing the role of an actress or an actor X.

Apart from that, other headsets are also compatible with VR sex videos are the Oculus Rift, the Homido or the VR Cardboard. And, yes even a cardboard helmet can make you travel to 7th Heaven.

So, you are comfortably seated on your chair and wearing one of these helmets on your head. After having previously chosen a video among the different categories of videos proposed, you must simply launch it. You will be able to find your favorite categories: fellatio, cuni, penetration and so many others that will tickle your taste buds or any other place :-).

VR Sex porno

Your role in a VR sex video

No doubt, you will tell me, "What is my role in that, watching a video?" I will probably tell you and for me the main thing. For once, you do not just watch the video but you live it. You see the body of a man or a woman where something is missing, a head; it's up to you to put yours there.

Let yourself be carried away by the emotions provided by the video. I will let you discover at the end of this article testimonials of men and women who have visited the Studio Dorcel to come and try this experience of sex 3.0. I will still reveal one that confirms my idea. A witness was able to describe his experience as being no longer a spectator but a true actor. This upsets the codes of a classic sex video.

For others, "it's amazing, sensational".

Thus, the video can show a woman massaging you, caress you, make you a blowjob, or be penetrated by all ends. It's up to you to choose your videos according to your desire of the moment.

Advances or excesses of sex VR

Beyond virtual reality, the VR sex (by clicking on this link, you will be able to access videos in VR) will also be affubler of a sensor of emotions, a vibrating seat. Or, could it be anything else to make your virtual reality experience more intense? As Christophe could say in the reportage of Arté. Without doubt, is this the next technological novelty? Could this be with the arrival of virtual robots, feared by ethicists and thus making sex 4.0?

Do not hesitate to share your opinion on this question!

Plus, just watch the videos of these women lend to all the excesses on

In the meantime, before the arrival of these days, you will soon discover here sex videos available in virtual reality. So, do not go too far! Who knows what beautiful surprises you could fall?

After trying out the VR sex experience, feel free to post your comments!

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